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 Subject :How To Care For Your Birkenstocks.. 13-09-2022 12:43:58 
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If you're walking down the street, you'll notice that almost every second person these days has a pair of Birkenstocks. Not only are they comfortable and trendy, but they're good for your feet! There can often be confusion though of how to care for them, so we're here to help. Birkenstock Clearance


Here are some ideas regarding how to look after your shoes, to make sure you obtain the most wear out of these!


1. AVOID H2o


Normal water can harm the cork and liquefy the glue/sealant. When your shoes get drenched, free of moisture them slowly and away from direct heating, never ever directly in front of a heater. When the buckles are open to sodium water, rinse them to steer clear of corrosion.


We have a variety of water resistant Birkenstocks from the EVA variety, such as the Honolulu, Barbados, Arizona and Gizeh styles, which can be found on this page.


2. Steer clear of EXTREME Temperature


Being exposed to centered temperature can harm your Birkenstocks. Stay away from leaving behind them in direct sunlight or in a vehicle on comfortable times whilst keeping them from heating units and fireplaces.




Birkenstock footbeds are constructed with layers of jute and cork protected inside a suede coating, and they're made to soak up humidity from your feet. Airing the footbeds inhibits the construct-up of odours a result of unwanted dampness.


4. Safeguard UPPERS


There is certainly distinct cleaning up advice depending on the type of top your style of Birkenstock consists of.


Make sure you keep in mind that any cleansing or remedy may change the design and finish of the materials.


BIRKO FLOR – Simply remove clear having a wet cloth. Cautiously use a tiny bit of soap and water to eliminate stubborn stains.


BIRKO FLOR NUBUCK – To clean, clean lightly using a suede remember to brush or an older tooth brush. We promote the Waproo Suede & Nubuck Nylon material Clean.


Clean LEATHER – Use a leather cream for example the El Naturalista Seacream, to take out scuff spots and keep the leather supple.


OILED LEATHER – Work with a suede brush, or take away unsightly stains, apply a nubuck eraser block. We market the Waproo Suede & Nubuck Washing Prevent. To revive/maintain the shade, apply a colourless leather conditioner.


PATENT LEATHER – To clean up, clean having a humid soft towel.


SUEDE LEATHER – To safeguard, apply a waterproofing mist, and utilize a suede remember to brush to loosen the debris to completely clean and repair the snooze.


NUBUCK LEATHER – To completely clean, apply a nubuck eraser block or even a suede clean to loosen the dirt and recover the sleep. To safeguard, use a waterproofing mist.


WOOL FELT – Gently remember to brush by using a plastic-type material bristle suede brush or even an outdated toothbrush.


MICROFIBRE – Remember to brush lightly by using a plastic material bristle suede clean or perhaps aged toothbrush.


POLYURETHANE – Wash with gentle soapy water.


EVA – Wash with moderate soapy water.

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