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 Subject :How You Can Alter The Color Of Leather Birkenstocks.. 31-08-2022 03:56:46 
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I had been immediately filled with inquiries on where I discovered red-colored Birkenstock UK Outlet Shops Seres. I didn't "discover" them, I shaded them. For those of you within the know, Birkenstock only introduced the Seres in brown and black leather. Needless to say, folks asked for tutorials on just how to get this done.


I employed Tarrago shoe lotion to coloration my Birkenstocks. Color cream is relatively cheap, there are tons of colours to choose from, you can actually implement, it dries out easily, and contains a very high pigment articles and yes it spots leather very well.


My believe would be to stain a set of brownish leather Seres an in-depth burgundy. I had three diverse hues of red-colored Tarrago cream during my resource container. ​


I used a dollop of every shade on the bottom from the Seres strap and let it dried up. From past shading practical experience, I knew that whatever shade was in the package would convert a shade or two dark-colored after it dried out on the light brown leather foundation. I wanted to get a hard notion of which color of red would be that that i was looking for. I picked the Morello Cherry shade just for this undertaking.


Products Necessary For Task:


Birkenstocks (leather only, not Birko Flor)


Natural cotton Balls


No Acetone Nail Improve Removal


Colored shoe skin cream


Application Remember to brush


Rag to remove off extra cream


Papers shower towels to pay the footbed preventing a chaos from accidental drips


Masking tape




1. Cover the footbeds of every kind of Birkenstocks by incorporating levels of paper bath towels to catch any spillage in the software process.


2. Apply low acetone removal to a pure cotton swab and remove on the uppers. This method helps to deglaze the Birkenstock by breaking down the original accomplish.


3. Allow the leather completely dry after utilizing the no acetone product. This might take several a few minutes.


4. Apply masking adhesive tape for the back area in the leather straps. This helps stop acquiring unwelcome colour on the rear of the straps.


5. Once dried out, use a lean clean (approximately the same size of the straps) to utilize the initial cover of Tarrago shoe lotion to the very top and the edges of your Birkenstock straps. Usually Do Not colour the backside (colour may bleed off with wear). Let each layer completely dry, about 5-10-20 minutes.


6. Maintain applying jackets from the color product before you get the coloration you desire.


7. It required about 3-4 coats from the reddish lotion to totally stain the uppers of my Seres.


​8. Don't get freaked out as soon as the initially coat does not provde the coloration for which you objective. This is a method and takes time. It may take numerous layers.


Take Note: you cannot colour your Birkenstocks less heavy. You should employ a more dark hue just for this to have success.


If you are done colouring your straps, you might find that splashes of colour have dripped into the footbed or soles, even with all the current measures that you may have used. No reason to worry, the hue drips are easy to take away. Just dab a cotton tennis ball, soaked in non acetone nail shine cleaner, in the regions with all the unwelcome coloration. The colour skin cream will come proper off.


I establish the Seres aside to dried up for 24 hours. I sealed the hue on to the leather to stop fading, itching, or cracking. For this particular step you can use any Suede and Nubuck leather protector. I opted to utilize Dr. Martens question balsam mainly because it would offer two purposes. Initial, it would assist seal off in the coloration and shield the leather. 2nd, it would soften the leather straps prior to my split-in approach.


The entire method took under an hour or so to accomplish. And clean up was really a breeze. I am just thrilled with my red-colored Birkenstock Seres.

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